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Welcome To Extreme Automotive

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The mission Of Extreme Automotive is to build the finest Street Rods, Hotrods, and Classics In The United States of America. Whether your interest centers on“Showing” the finished product or buckling up to “ Grip It And Rip It”, our promise remains the same. We will deliver the very best.

NSRA Inspection Day

Eight cars were inspected and 7 passed and received a 23 Safety sticker. One car was found to have a broken steering column, had he not come in, it may have completely broken while he was driving. That is why we have this inspection every year.

The inspection team Fred,Glenn,Phil and Phillip

...then there was lunch with a lot of comradery...




We take pride in every portion of the building process, extend great effort on behalf of each client, and we will not rest until we are thrilled with the results, and that’s an old school hand shake guarantee!

Your interests, your concerns, your expectations, and your needs become shared with every member of Extreme Automotive. From the build team, to the selected subcontracting elements, to the genuine parts suppliers, your project will be our priority until it’s completed. Then, we hope that from time to time you’ll drop by to say hello; we enjoy knowing that our professional relationship has created a lasting friendship.

There are reasons why our reputation for quality was earned, there are reasons why we practice the tradition of “A Day’s Work For A Day’s Pay”, and after 35 years there are reasons why we are excited to open the shop doors every morning. It’s because we love cars, we live the lifestyle, and because of that, every day offers us the chance to express our commitment to it!


Consultation allows both parties the opportunity to openly discuss every aspect of the project, and together, form a starting point for a most successful working relationship. This is a most exciting time for every perspective client, and you deserve to have your vision become a reality.

Please enjoy a small sampling of the show stopping, eye popping winners we have created for others here in the Gallery. On behalf of our entire staff we look forward to hearing from you!

Again, Welcome To Extreme Automotive

“ When Your Ready We’ll Get To Work”

Phil Leatherman, Master Builder

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